Sunday, October 25, 2009

$20 for you, $20 for a friend, and a gorgeous ring for me!

Want an easy $10 gift card? How about TWO?!? (Yes, even out-of-town ladies are eligible!)

Well, I'm in a 2-week fast-and-furious facial challenge: 30 faces in 15 days! Can you help?

Anyone who lets me "borrow her face" in the next two weeks gets a $10 gift card to spend at her pampering session! Try the newest anti-aging serums, play with mineral makeup, or treat yourself to an aromatherapy pedicure. Refer a friend to me for HER $10 too! Who do you know who would like $10 to spend at a FREE facial?

Hostesses can turn that $10 into $100 just by sharing their pampering with a few friends — no minimums required to be a hostess! (You get $25 just for getting me your guest list!)

But guess what? It gets better!

Anyone who listens to some information about the business opportunity will get a $10 gift card as well! Just listening and giving your opinion doesn't obligate either one of us to anything...but you never know until you have all the information, right? Click here for a short quiz to see if this business might be for you.

Did you know that starting your own beauty business in October is half price — over $100 in supplies and materials for just $50? WOW! Who do you know who...
* Wants to make some part-time Christmas money?
* Needs some grown-up social time?
* Likes to make other women feel special?
* Loves encouragement and recognition?
YOU get a bonus when you refer someone to me who gives me her opinion! Who do you know?

Speaking of Christmas, did you know that it's less than 9 weeks away? But my Customer Appreciation Open House is in 2 weeks! EVERYTHING will be 5-50% OFF! Click here to visit my Beauty Blog, and find all the Open House info! The first 10 to RSVP get a bonus gift, and 6 have already RSVPed!!!

Call or e-mail me ASAP if you are willing to help me finish my challenge. When I do, I'll earn this gorgeous ring!