Thursday, November 26, 2009

Forget "Black Friday" ~ Try "Pink Thursday"!

Instead of fighting traffic, waiting in line, and getting sneezed on by germy crowds, how about a cozy, no-wait, germ-free shopping experience ONLINE?!

Some of you missed out on my Customer Appreciation Open House, and some of you are just pinching your pennies. Whatever your situation, you'll love having a PERSONAL beauty consultant to SAVE you time and money!!!

* FREE shipping, to you or to the gift recipient
* FREE gift-wrapping
* FREE gift with purchase
* FREE personalized skin care and color update (winter skin can get drier or oilier!)
* full inventory IN-STOCK
* stocking stuffers, gift certificates, and gift baskets
* gifts for men, teens, teachers, babysitters, co-workers, mothers-in-law, etc.
* 100% satisfaction guarantee

Don't waste your time and gas money getting your mascara, lotion, or cleanser at the store — shop with me at YOUR convenience and get them delivered right to your door within 24-48 hours!

Pink Thursday (& Friday) Sale!
* 5-50% off everything, all day both days
* shop online OR call/text my phone (859-338-3431)
* give yourself a Virtual Makeover on my website and earn a BONUS GIFT when you send me your look
* refer a friend or relative to my website who shops or sends me her Virtual Makeover and earn ANOTHER GIFT
* book a winter update facial (you know you deserve it) and earn up to $100 in FREE PRODUCTS!!!

Don’t forget to make YOUR holiday wish list so I can help your loved ones shop for you!

Think Pink!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

$20 for you, $20 for a friend, and a gorgeous ring for me!

Want an easy $10 gift card? How about TWO?!? (Yes, even out-of-town ladies are eligible!)

Well, I'm in a 2-week fast-and-furious facial challenge: 30 faces in 15 days! Can you help?

Anyone who lets me "borrow her face" in the next two weeks gets a $10 gift card to spend at her pampering session! Try the newest anti-aging serums, play with mineral makeup, or treat yourself to an aromatherapy pedicure. Refer a friend to me for HER $10 too! Who do you know who would like $10 to spend at a FREE facial?

Hostesses can turn that $10 into $100 just by sharing their pampering with a few friends — no minimums required to be a hostess! (You get $25 just for getting me your guest list!)

But guess what? It gets better!

Anyone who listens to some information about the business opportunity will get a $10 gift card as well! Just listening and giving your opinion doesn't obligate either one of us to anything...but you never know until you have all the information, right? Click here for a short quiz to see if this business might be for you.

Did you know that starting your own beauty business in October is half price — over $100 in supplies and materials for just $50? WOW! Who do you know who...
* Wants to make some part-time Christmas money?
* Needs some grown-up social time?
* Likes to make other women feel special?
* Loves encouragement and recognition?
YOU get a bonus when you refer someone to me who gives me her opinion! Who do you know?

Speaking of Christmas, did you know that it's less than 9 weeks away? But my Customer Appreciation Open House is in 2 weeks! EVERYTHING will be 5-50% OFF! Click here to visit my Beauty Blog, and find all the Open House info! The first 10 to RSVP get a bonus gift, and 6 have already RSVPed!!!

Call or e-mail me ASAP if you are willing to help me finish my challenge. When I do, I'll earn this gorgeous ring!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September Newsletter ~ $25 FREE

Wow! Today is the LAST DAY of the quarter, and my goal is to finish as a Star Consultant — this will be my 10th quarter as a Star!

A Star is a consultant who has sold $3,600 in a quarter! Despite having a newborn and mono (ick) this quarter, I'm only about $600 away, thanks to YOU, my awesome customers.

If you need ANYTHING, big or small, don't waste your time and gas money going to the store — shipping and delivery from me are FREE!! Let's help each other!

Running out of moisturizer or mascara, lotion or lip balm soon? Don't forget, we have more than powerhouse skin care and award-winning makeup; we also offer body care, fragrances, sun protection, men's products, and gift sets!

What about that $25 FREE? To help finish my goal, I'm offering you STAR CERTIFICATES today only worth $125.00 in products for just $100 plus tax. That means $25.00 in FREE PRODUCT of your choice!

The certificate can be used now, used a little bit at a time, given as a gift, or used for Christmas shopping. You can even use it toward the NEW products that just came out today! There are only 15 Star Certificates available, and it's first-come, first-serve. (And tell your friends, too!)

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to those who have already helped me this quarter. If it weren't for my faithful customers, I wouldn't be able to stay home with my boys — and I appreciate your support!

Please call, e-mail, or visit my website with orders or questions through 11pm tonight.

* Next Mon. 9/21 from 6-8:30pm is our FREE Enchanted Evening! Dress up and grab a friend for door prizes, inspiration, and fun at Hilton Suites Lexington Green! RSVP by Monday.
* Save the date! My Holiday Open House is Nov. 6-7.
* Know a friend who deserves $10 FREE? New referrals get $10 gift cards!
* Want $75 in FREE product without spending a dime? Have 5 friends join you for pampering and collect 6 orders from non-attendees and that $75 is YOURS — easy!
* If you book a pampering session by September 30th (it can be held in any month), you will be entered for a shopping spree and $5,000 cash! Seriously!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reader Request: EYES!

A KYredhead reader recently posted this question about eye makeup:

I never know if I should put liner and mascara on my bottom eyelids too (or just the top lids). Are there times when it's best just to use liner and no mascara? Yikes!

-Clueless in Kentucky

Thanks for asking, Clueless! :)

I recommend eye makeup on either the top alone or top and bottom, but never just bottom. Defining the bottom lash line alone adds darkness under your eyes (bad idea) and draws attention to that area (which is something most people don't want to do). Sticking to the top looks more youthful and keeps darkness away from dark circles. Also, liquid eyeliner should never be used on the bottom — pencil or powder liner only. Some eye shapes, however, benefit from well-defined lashlines, and certain application techniques look great with both lashlines defined. You could even try using both liner and mascara on the top, but just one of the two on the bottom. Play around and see what works for you, or contact your Beauty Consultant for a free makeup consultation!

Wearing mascara by itself is fine, but you lose out on all the benefits eyeliner can bring. Liner without mascara, though, can look unnatural and harsh. If your lashes are naturally dark and thick, you could go without mascara altogether...but why? LOL Mascara is definitely my stranded-on-a-desert-island beauty must-have. Makeup artists all agree that the cheapest, fastest, easiest face lift can be achieved with an eyelash curler and a good mascara. I use one that lengthens, thickens, and volumizes in one coat. LOVE it! Check out my Beauty Links to shop for a tube for yourself.

Need a recommendation for a good waterproof eyeliner...or something to remove all that eye makeup? Check out this video!

Don't think it's important to wash your face thoroughly and remove eye makeup EVERY night? Maybe you should read up on eyelash mites...then visit my Beauty Links website and purchase some skin care and eye makeup remover. ;)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Products I Can't Live Without

Our skin's needs change as the seasons change, and summer has always been particularly challenging for me. More skin is exposed more often, sun exposure is greater (and more likely to happen), sweat and oil run know what I'm talking about.

As I go about my summer days, living the life of a busy mom AND as a woman who still wants to look good, I realized that there are several products that make my quest-for-summer-beauty a lot easier — and they multi-task, just like me!


1. A Combination Body Wash and Shave Gel
No, ladies, shaving with soap is NOT a good idea, and regular old body wash does NOT do "just as good a job". The body wash I use contains special ingredients that help soften the skin for shaving, as well as aloe leaf extract to soothe the skin post-shave. It's so quick and easy to use: I just put a nickel-sized amount in my hand, lather up my whole body, shave whatever needs shaving, and rinse it off! The scent is super-clean, too.

2. A Kiss-Proof Lip Moisturizer with Color
What I love about this is I can have it on my lips for hours and the color is still there! My lips still feel supple after all that time, too. The best part for me (as a mom with kissable children) is that I can have that long-lasting color and still kiss without worry. Anything you put on your lips will come off if you kiss someone/-thing immediately after applying, of course, but most tinted lip products will stain someone else's skin as long as the color is still visible on your lips. In my personal experience, my lip balm doesn't leave color on my kids when it's been on my lips for a while...but my lips are still soft! On top of that, it even contains sunscreen. Double yay!

3. Anti-Oil Products
Prevention and maintenance are arduous but necessary in our fight against summer oil outbreaks. For prevention, I use skin care (cleanser, moisturizer, foundation) that is customized for my skin type. Occasionally, I'll also use a liquid mattifier that helps prevent shine for occurring as easily. When shine does rear its ugly head, don't be tempted to smother it with powder! Oil + powder = mud (insert brownie mix analogy here). Blot away your surface oil with handy linen tissues first, then refresh your skin with some oil-absorbing powder. The blotting papers I use now are larger than the kind I used to get at the drug store (so I can use each sheet twice), there are more per pack, and they're cheaper! Can't beat that.

4. Anti-Stink for Your Body
How many times have you wished Febreeze could be used safely on your skin (or your husband's/teenager's)? You seriously need to try my favorite little spritzy bottle of happiness. It has odor-absorbing ingredients that neutralize odors, not just cover them up with heavy fragrance. I've used it on shoe insoles, sweaty clothes, my hair/clothes/purse after visiting a smoker, my cat litter box, my sat-too-long-in-the-gym-bag swimsuit...seriously, this stuff works. And you're left with a light botanical scent, not a heavy perfumy smell. Who doesn't need a refreshing little pick-me-up before heading out?

5. Yuck-Free Sunscreen
UVA & UVB protection is a no-brainer for summer, but don't you hate feeling like you have to take a shower when you come back inside, just to get that nasty-gross sunscreen "ick" off your body? I didn't realize that a sunscreen could feel nice and still be effective, but this one does! It's SPF 30 and adequately protects mama redhead (and her little redheads, too) when we play outside. It just feels GREAT, especially compared to the bazillion other brands I've tried over the years. This is the only one I don't feel guilty putting on my child.

One of the best things about using these products is that doing so supports both the American economy (manufactured, packaged, and shipped in the U.S.) AND a small local business (mine). :) Let's hear it for free enterprise!

For more information on these products (or to purchase them) visit the Beauty Link at the top right-hand column of this blog. You can use the "search" feature on that website to find the products mentioned here, or feel free to contact me personally with questions!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank You!

Thanks to my awesome clients, I achieved Star Consultant status this past quarter — my ninth! THANK YOU, LADIES!

My next big challenge is two-fold: booking 8 hostesses for the next two weeks AND giving away 8 of the new Tinted Lip Balms with SPF15.

Want one? It only requires 30-40 minutes of phone time (or sit-down-for-coffee time) to let me share some information about what I do — no obligations other than listening and giving your honest feedback.

Anyone who participates not only receives a FREE lip goody but also is automatically eligible to receive unlimited "Talent Scout" gift certificates! As always, referrals are appreciated. Who do you know who likes to give her opinion? Would enjoy getting something free? Might appreciate an opportunity like what I do? Comment or call or e-mail me!

Don't forget the Bahama Mama Pedicure Party next week!
Free pedicures, leg spa, tropical snacks, and the ever-popular Hairiest Legs Contest! Come relax, bring a friend, and have fun! Click here for printable invites for yourself and your friends.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The "Try MK" Challenge!

I need YOUR HELP to qualify as a Star Consultant by Monday!!!

Don't waste time and gas shopping at the store — let me ship your mascara, moisturizer, lipstick, perfume, body wash, eye shadow, or Father's Day gift to you for FREE!

Star Consultants are those who have sold $3,600 in a quarter, and I am only $300 away!

If you are running low on your regular brand of ANYTHING, I challenge you to give Mary Kay a try. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for a reason — you won't be disappointed at how long this stuff lasts OR at how well it works!

Call or shop on my website for FREE shipping and a FREE gift:

Click here to see the new products that will come out Monday, available for paid preorder NOW. Write any of these products in the "Comment" section when you check out, and it'll get added to your order.

Call or e-mail me personally with questions! Spread the word! Every referral helps!

P.S. I'd love to thank you for your help with a summer makeover or pedicure — my treat. :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June News

Keep reading for 5 THINGS you need to see!

1 ~ I am now a FULL-TIME Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant!
My husband was laid off June 1, so I have to add 30 faces to my portfolio this month! You can help by...
...getting your check-up facial!
...referring me to a friend!
...chatting with me about what I do!
Can you spare 30 minutes to give me your opinion? An hour for a facial? I'll thank you with a special gift! Any friend you refer will be treated to a $10 gift certificate in your name — my treat!

2 ~ I will help SAVE you time and money!
Don't waste your gas and time shopping in stores — I keep a full inventory in-stock and delivery is FREE. Your TimeWise Miracle Set only costs $1 a day...including your foundation! Visit my website to see over 90 products for $10 or less!

3 ~ Gorgeous NEW products for you to try!
Book your June/July check-up facials and pedicures now — it's time to update your skin care and makeup! Click here for a sneak peek of the new goodies for this quarter. Orders are being accepted NOW!

4 ~ Summer means weddings, reunions, and family gatherings, so let me do your makeup for FREE!
Whether it's for senior pictures or a senior citizens’ banquet, all skin care customers get my makeup services! Do you know a bride who might like her makeup done for free? I'm looking for referrals!

5 ~ I had my BABY on April 19!
Scroll down on this Beauty Blog for pictures and details!

Need a gift for a graduation? Wedding? Birthday? Father's Day? Don't forget my FREE gift-wrapping and shipping!

Mark your calendar for Thursday, June 25 — you're invited to a Bahama Mama Pedicure Party! RSVP for free pedicures, a Hairy Legs Contest, and tropical food at the MK Pampering Center from 6:15-8:30! Bring a friend!

My clients are the BEST in all of Mary Kay. It's because of you that I get to stay home with my beautiful sons, and I appreciate you!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My New Baby

Perrin David Fiskeaux was born Sunday, April 19 at 5:49pm, 19.75" and 7lb8oz. Big brother Caspian (who will be 3 years old on July 26) kisses him and croons to him constantly!

THANK YOU to my husband and to my faithful customers for letting my stay home with my boys and not miss any sweet moment with them!

Click here to see more pictures!

Friday, April 17, 2009

April Isn't the End!

No, I'm not in labor yet. :) I have 6 more days until my due date, but we'll see how long I last.

One of my brides is featured in her photographer's blog and guess who else was mentioned? Little ol' me! Visit Priscilla Baerlain's website — and book with her, if you want some incredible pictures of yourself and your family! She did my bride's "boudoir" session as well, which would make a great gift for your husband (-to-be).

I have all the gorgeous new limited-edition products in-stock right now, as well as your everyday favorites! Orders will still be accepted and filled during my "maternity leave," and you will never be bothering me with a call or an e-mail! I am currently booking web/catalog shows as well as in-person appointments starting mid-May (and filling up, so reserve your date ASAP).

Please let me know what I can do for you in coming weeks. Without my loyal customers, I wouldn't be able to stay home with my sons, and I appreciate YOU!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March is YOUR month!

My due date is 7 weeks away, but my business will never be closed! Call, e-mail, and place orders anytime!

I'm in a challenge to facial 100 women by the end of March! Now is a great time for your update facial (yes, even if you live out of town — ask how). You can even see your before-and-after pics online! Plus, every time you help me meet someone new (someone who shares your facial or a referral), I’ll thank you with a gift! Did you know that you get FREE products when 3 friends share your appointment? Who do you know who will let me borrow her face this week or next...?

As other companies announce pay cuts, layoffs, and bankruptcies, our business continues to thrive. Last quarter was our best ever — and we're still a debt-free company! CBS highlighted us last month because we're doing so well in this economy. This opportunity could fill a need for you or someone you know, and I'd LOVE to hear your opinion of the business...and I'll thank you with a gift card either way! Visit my personal website (under "Beauty Links" in the right column of this blog) or call 641-715-3900 (ext. 8692) for more information, or just give me a call with questions! BONUS: Start your business in March and you could qualify for a $100 rebate check!

2009 will mark an upgrade in my customer service for YOU. Even with all the fabulous services you’re already entitled to — like birthday discounts, free shipping and gift wrapping, special occasion makeup services, and a free gift with every $40 purchase — you deserve even more! One new perk is my "Choose Your Own Sale" program: YOU get to choose a product to be on sale every month by voting in the poll on this Beauty Blog!

Rather have it for FREE? As a hostess this month, you can earn $100 in free products of your choice, with no sales requirement at your pampering session! How easy is that? Out-of-town customers are also eligible for awesome hostess benefits.

I can't wait to see you again soon so you can pat my baby belly...and I can help you feel relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated!

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Service for 2009!

Hello, gorgeous ladies!

Even with all the fabulous services my customers are already entitled to — like free shipping and gift wrapping, complimentary special occasion makeup services, and a free gift with every $40 purchase — you deserve even more this year! I am starting a "Choose Your Own Sale" program!

Every month, YOU get to choose a product to be on sale. How will you choose? By voting in the online poll located on the right-hand side of this blog! You can vote all month long (and send your friends to vote), and whichever product gets the most votes will be 15% OFF for the next entire month! Only existing customers get to take advantage of these exclusive sales, so make sure you have had a facial or placed an order with me before purchasing these sale items!

For January, ALL FRAGRANCES ARE 15% OFF!!! This includes all men's and women's fragrances and the new Eau de Toilette collection, as well as special products like the Eau de Parfum Wands — purse-sized rollerball wands with their own velvet cases! The Wands are no longer featured on my website, but they are available in several of our women's fragrances. They are limited edition, though, so claim yours ASAP! Thinking ahead to Valentine's Day, I also have two Men's Fragrance Gift Sets available (deodorizing body spray, moisturizing shave cream, and cooling after-shave gel, all scented with a manly fragrance)...and they are in my CLEARANCE BASKET! Everything in my Clearance Basket is 40% off, and becomes 50% off when you choose three or more items! Contact me for available items.

Would you rather have it for FREE? As a hostess this month, you can earn $100 in free products of your choice, with no sales requirement at your pampering session! How easy is that? Out-of-town customers are also eligible for awesome hostess benefits. Contact me for details!