Friday, January 11, 2008

Ready...Set...Dash Out the Door!

How many of you wish you could get your makeup done in 5 minutes? I mean done, done. Yeah, me too!

Here's a solution for you: Dash Out the Door color! These multi-tasking products cut down on your getting-ready time by making makeup quick and easy.

The most time-consuming part of cosmetic application is usually eye makeup. Our cream-to-powder eye shadow makes it fast. All you have to do is spread a tiny bit across your eyelid, from lash to brow...and you're finished! When I say "a tiny bit," I mean it — this is potent stuff! I usually don't even have to squeeze the tube; I just wipe my finger across the top. It's a waterproof cream that dries to a powdery finish, so it's all you need for that pop of sheer, shimmery color on your lids. The cream color brightens your eye area (like you got more sleep), while bronze color is a warmer shade.
If you want to jazz it up for evening, multiple thin layers build well for deeper color. You can also treat a single layer like a base for powdered eye color. If you want the look of contouring without the effort of using powder and brushes, apply the lighter shade all over and the darker shade on the lid only (or just in the crease).
Our mascara is the next powerhouse product. It lengthens, thickens, and volumizes — all in one coat! A custom technology delivers the exact amount of product you need to coat both sets of lashes (top and bottom, left and right) in just one pull-out of the wand...without clumps! We also offer a triathalon-tested waterproof mascara and a super-gentle mascara, if you want a more natural look...but I want LASHES. :D

Instead of using a traditional cheek color, we're going double-duty with bronzing powder. It's not on my website at the moment, but it does exist and I have it in stock while supplies last (16 alone, 29 in a mirrored compact with the perfect application brush). It has three complementary shades of shimmering bronze powder that naturally blend together. It gives ivory/beige skin a sun-kissed look and gives bronze/ebony skin warm highlights. You can use it as a cheek color like I did, or apply it to the areas the sun would "kiss" you after 10 or 15 minutes outside (bridge of the nose, temples, cheekbones, shoulders, décolletage). In retrospect, I would definitely apply a little more along my cheekbones than I did for my picture.
ATTENTION, SKEPTICS: I first tested it when I was pregnant with my son, to see if it could give a pasty-white redhead that promised "sun-kissed glow." Yes, I'm wearing bronzing powder all over in both pictures. You think it didn't make a difference? Look at the second one to see how much it really did help. That's a deliberate bronzer line, people!

The final touch for your Dash Out the Door look is a bit of lip gloss. It's fast and easy to apply, and can be converted for evening later with the addition of lip liner and/or lipstick. The shine of gloss makes your lips look larger and makes you look younger!

Final results? A five-minute, "million-dollar" look!
(please excuse any forehead wrinkles — I was looking up into the preview screen of my camera)

Contact me if you'd like to know which colors I used!
(No, eyeliner isn't part of Dash Out the Door, but I always wear it. Wanna know why? Click here! If you want a faster version of liner, try powder eye shadow and a liner brush.)

Wanna cut down on the rest of your prep time, too? Try our basic anti-aging skin care (which cuts four steps down to two — or five down to two, depending on your choices) and our mineral powder foundation (which eliminates the need for separate foundation and powder).

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Two Great Benefits in One Sifter Jar (Hey! Your Powder Is in My Foundation!)

For those of you who don't stalk my Personal Website, you may not be aware that we have joined the world of mineral makeup. Yes — we now offer a full range of foundation options: liquid, cream, cream-to-powder, and mineral powder! I have been looking forward to trying this product for some time, let me tell you.

Like many of you, I was really impressed and excited by a certain mineral powder competitor's infomercials, so I ordered a starter sample kit. I loved the lightweight comfort of mineral powder foundation, but all the blending and mixing of colors was tedious, and adding the warm/glowing/veiled layers made my routine take way too long for my tastes. And then there was the sticker shock. Ouch.

You'll be pleased to know that our new mineral powder foundation is just 18 and the custom mineral foundation brush is only 10! And like most of our products, a little goes a long way, so you won't have to buy a new jar every month. Plus, as long as supplies last, you can get both in a limited-edition set with a satiny black bag that is perfect for carrying your new mineral powder foundation in your purse! It doesn't even cost extra — the set is still just 28!

My favorite part of using mineral powder foundation is that I get the coverage of a foundation and the flawless finish and oil absorption of a loose one single product! That is a LIFE-SAVER for people like me who are always looking for ways to cut down on getting-ready time. FYI: several light layers are better than one heavy layer for those of us who prefer maximum coverage, and you can wear it over your liquid or cream foundation for an even more airbrushed look. In case you're wondering, it's transfer-resistant, dermatologist-tested, oil- and fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic. It's also been clinically proven to be suitable for sensitive skin, and the formula has been tested and passed for skin irritancy and allergy. Bonus!

The application is super-easy, and the brush really makes all the difference. Its soft, natural hair bristles pick up a precise amount of powder and release it evenly as you sweep and swirl. They're also shorter and flat across the top so you can customize your level of coverage.

So here it is...the picture-proof! Neat, huh? Click the picture to see a larger version.

Nothing but mineral powder foundation in that second picture! If you want to use concealer or a highlighting pen, though, be sure to apply them before putting on your mineral powder foundation.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

a new Look

I wore my favorite new necklace for date night with my husband and decided on a whim to borrow its colors for my eye palette — a bold choice, considering it was topaz and teal! With such bold color choices, be sure to use a light hand when applying (as you can see from the eye close-up below). I used the standard eye application found on my Personal Website, plus I added a second accent color on the outer corner of my eye. I customized my eyeliner by layering eyeshadow on top of the pencil eyeliner (using an eyeliner brush), then toned it down with another light layer of pencil eyeliner. As always, I used black brown mascara and brow liner.

Also featured: my NEW mineral powder foundation! Doesn't it look fantastic?

Contact me if you'd like to know which colors I used!