Friday, March 14, 2008

4 Spring Looks ~ 4 Minutes or Less, part II

I road-tested two of the spring looks mentioned in my March 5 blog post. Be sure to contact me if you'd like to know exactly which colors I used. Here are the results!

Spring Colors
It was kind of scary to think of using a baby blue shadow from lash to crease, but with a light hand and a little unobtrusive eyeliner, it came out fine. It's a very no-frills look. It might be less risky to use a matte eye shadow as opposed to a shimmer. This melon-colored gloss is probably my favorite gloss. It looks scary and orange in the tube, but when you put it on it's like a juicy version of your own lip color!

Beach Babe
It was surprising how well the bronzes coordinated with the pinks! It makes sense, though, considering those are the colors your face becomes when you've been in the sun. This was my first time using this particular blush, and I absolutely adored it. It's the perfect sun-kissed pink shade.

As always, I used black brown mascara, brow pencil, concealer, and foundation (this time, it was liquid with a dusting of mineral powder on top — my new favorite combination).

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Create-A-Face Tutorial, part II

It would be more accurate to label this as "Create-An-Eye Tutorial"...but that sounds creepy.

In these pictures, I have completed each step on one eye only. This is so you can see what a difference each individual step makes. Also, each step is shown in two pictures — one with open eyes and one with closed eyes.

This tutorial shows how to apply eye makeup to standard eyes. For video tutorials dealing with other eye shapes, please click here!

Step 1: Highlighter Shade
Apply to browbone and from lash to crease to make these areas more noticable.

Step 2: Midtone Shade
Apply in the crease to contour.

Step 3: Accent Shade
Apply along upper lash line and into the outer third of the crease — kind of like an "L" laying on its back.

Step 4: BLENDblendBLEND
Instead of swishing back-and-forth, thereby making a muddy mess of your careful color placement, sweep light-to-dark.

Step 5: Eyeliner
Draw a thin line as close to your lashline as possible. You can do it just on the top or top and bottom, but for pete's sake, don't just do it on the bottom! If you are tempted to skip it all together, click here.

Step 6: Mascara
Curl your lashes first. Even if you have long, dark lashes naturally, you will benefit from a good mascara!

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Create-A-Face Tutorial

You've asked for it, so here it is...your very own Create-A-Face tutorial!

A web cam comes built-in on my new laptop (thank you, tax credit!), but I don't have it yet. As such, I painstakingly took pictures at each step and threaded them together for you! The pictures on the left show what it looks like before each step is completed, while the pictures on the right were taken after completing each step. This is just a bare bones face; no contouring, highlighting, sculpting, etc. — just the basics.

Let's begin!

Step 1: Apply your concealer.
Here, I've simply put it on my eyelids (from lash to brow) and dark circles.

Step 2: Apply a light layer of foundation.
The face on the left is completely bare, and the one on the right has both concealer and a light layer of liquid foundation.

Step 3: Apply another light layer of foundation.
This step is only for those of you who like more coverage or want to conceal redness. However, this only works if your foundation is buildable (not all foundations are).

Step 4: Apply your powder.
Powder helps to cut down on shine, set your foundation, and control oil. I used a light layer of mineral powder foundation for maximum air-brushed effect, but loose and pressed powder work as well.

Step 5: Apply color cosmetics.
This step is optional, of course, but if you've done steps 1-4, you probably plan to wear makeup.

For a step-by-step eye tutorial, stay tuned!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

4 Spring Looks ~ 4 Minutes or Less

This morning on the Today Show, they featured an iVillage story about spring trends. To quote the story, "blue eyeshadow is in, lip stains are hot, and you can take the beachy look anywhere." Here are the four four-minute looks they highlighted...and I have products you can use to achieve them. Contact me if you'd like to try any of them for yourself for FREE!
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Sexy Stain Look
Apply stain to freshly moisturized cheeks and lips. Simply smile and dab onto the apples of the cheek by softly patting with fingers. Pat onto moistened lips as well. This creates a very soft, simple, and sexy look. Keep the eye simple and classic with a taupe shadow, and line only the upper lash line with a navy pencil. Then, take lashes to the extreme with a double coat of jet black mascara.
Lip & Cheek Stain: limited edition lip duo
Moistened Cheeks: anti-aging moisturizer
Moistened Lips: lip-pampering set
Taupe Shadow
Navy Eye Pencil

All About Eyes
Apply black eyeliner to both top and bottom lash lines. Then, take a Q-tip cotton swab (the ultimate beauty tool) and smudge all the way around. Cheat your way to an easy and effortless smokey eye when you are pressed for precious time this way. Highlight the tops of your cheekbones, then apply a neutral blush onto the cheeks and a nude lipgloss to balance the look.
Black Eyeliner
Highlighter: highlighting pen

Lip Gloss

Beach Babe
The correct way to use bronzer is by applying around the perimeter of the face and then blending in—you will achieve the most believable and real sun-kissed look this way! Then, add the pink "sun" color to the apples of your cheek. Apply a copper eyeshadow onto the lids and a pretty pink lipgloss to round out this beachy babe look.
Eyes: bronze cream-to-powder eye color
Lip Gloss

Spring Colors
Spring is all about a gorgeous wash of color—it must be done right though to ensure you're not looking straight out of the '80s! Apply a mint green or baby blue eyeshadow on the lid from lash line to crease. Add a pop of pink or peach blush to the apples of the cheeks. Finish off with a brilliant fuchsia or nectarine lipgloss to the lips for a beautiful modern look.
Ivory/Beige Skintones
Shadow: pale blue
Blush: peach
Lip Gloss: peach/melon
Bronze/Ebony Skintones
Shadow: pale green
Blush: pink
Lip Gloss: fuschia