Monday, January 5, 2009

New Service for 2009!

Hello, gorgeous ladies!

Even with all the fabulous services my customers are already entitled to — like free shipping and gift wrapping, complimentary special occasion makeup services, and a free gift with every $40 purchase — you deserve even more this year! I am starting a "Choose Your Own Sale" program!

Every month, YOU get to choose a product to be on sale. How will you choose? By voting in the online poll located on the right-hand side of this blog! You can vote all month long (and send your friends to vote), and whichever product gets the most votes will be 15% OFF for the next entire month! Only existing customers get to take advantage of these exclusive sales, so make sure you have had a facial or placed an order with me before purchasing these sale items!

For January, ALL FRAGRANCES ARE 15% OFF!!! This includes all men's and women's fragrances and the new Eau de Toilette collection, as well as special products like the Eau de Parfum Wands — purse-sized rollerball wands with their own velvet cases! The Wands are no longer featured on my website, but they are available in several of our women's fragrances. They are limited edition, though, so claim yours ASAP! Thinking ahead to Valentine's Day, I also have two Men's Fragrance Gift Sets available (deodorizing body spray, moisturizing shave cream, and cooling after-shave gel, all scented with a manly fragrance)...and they are in my CLEARANCE BASKET! Everything in my Clearance Basket is 40% off, and becomes 50% off when you choose three or more items! Contact me for available items.

Would you rather have it for FREE? As a hostess this month, you can earn $100 in free products of your choice, with no sales requirement at your pampering session! How easy is that? Out-of-town customers are also eligible for awesome hostess benefits. Contact me for details!

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