Friday, December 14, 2007

We All Scream for Eye Cream!

I used to use one moisturizer all over my body and face — including my dry, crépey eye area. After getting educated about skin care through my company training, I realized that I needed to use a moisturizer specifically designed for the eye area. Regular facial moisturizer (especially anti-aging) is designed to plump the skin. What happens when you plump your eye area? Puffiness.

The skin in your eye area is about ¼ as thick as the skin on the rest of your face (using your ring finger or pinky, pat the skin under your eye, then pat the skin of your cheek to compare). It doesn't have any oil glands and is the only skin on your body not connected to a muscle. All that to say, the eye area is very delicate and needs to be treated with care. You should only use your ring finger or pinky when working in your eye area, because they're your two weakest fingers. When applying eye cream, try to remember to start at the crow's feet and pat in towards your nose to avoid tugging the fragile skin outward, which can exaggerate crow's feet and saggyness over time.

We current offer a range of products for eyes, but today we're focusing on eye cream (we have two). They are both in our anti-aging line, so their benefits will increase with continued use over time. A lot of people like to use the lighter cream in the morning and the thicker cream at night, but it's okay to use the same one twice a day (I do). At night, you can apply it both underneath your eye and on your eyelid (lash to brow), as well as in the crow's feet area. When you're doing makeup in the morning, however, avoid putting eye cream on your eyelid as it can keep eye shadow from sticking well.

The lighter cream is a lightweight moisturizer that dramatically minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area. For those of you that need more help (like me), the thicker cream offers twice the benefits in a slightly richer formula. In addition to the moisturization and age-fighting benefits, the thicker cream both firms and brightens the eye area. Where concealer and highlighting pens just cover up dark circles, this eye cream can actually help them fade away with continued use over time.

One of my customers had an appointment with me in March where we took before-and-after makeover pictures. At that appointment, she purchased the thicker eye cream. Two months later, we got together for another makeover. Here are her two "before" pictures (with a bare face) from two months apart, showing the results to her eye area after two months using this cream.

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