Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pshaw. Who needs eyeliner?

Most people fall into one of two camps: those who swear by eyeliner and those who think it's unnecessary. I tell my clients that eyeliner both helps to define your eye and helps make your lashes look thicker by providing a solid "base" at your lash line. Since my redhead eyelashes are invisible without mascara, I thought I'd do a little comparison test to show how much of a difference eyeliner really makes.

On the left, I'm wearing mascara and eyeliner. On the right, it's mascara alone.

Here's the step-by-step "progress report" of what I did:

  • For the first picture, I simply applied black brown mascara using upward strokes.
  • A lot of women aren't comfortable using pencil liner, so in the second picture I used dark brown eyeshadow with my eyeliner brush instead. Applying powder with a brush is a lot less intimidating than using pencil eyeliner!
  • For the final picture, I employed my custom bag of eyelash tricks and techniques!
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h*dizzle said...

finally! a look that doesnt involve eye liner..although I do love it! i guess im a stickler for put together looks that dont require a lot of time since im always on the run!..anyways i didnt know where to posy mt reply to your post so i figured I'd write another entry, if you could send the application cards for the color quads to my email:

that would be super! i'm going to try the no mascara look today..fingers crossed!

Messie-Bessie said...

What's your take on false lashes? I'd like to try them sometime but I'm pretty klutzy when it comes to detail work like that. It seems like all of the magazine models wear them...even the ones who are advertising mascara!

Would you help me try them?