Friday, March 14, 2008

4 Spring Looks ~ 4 Minutes or Less, part II

I road-tested two of the spring looks mentioned in my March 5 blog post. Be sure to contact me if you'd like to know exactly which colors I used. Here are the results!

Spring Colors
It was kind of scary to think of using a baby blue shadow from lash to crease, but with a light hand and a little unobtrusive eyeliner, it came out fine. It's a very no-frills look. It might be less risky to use a matte eye shadow as opposed to a shimmer. This melon-colored gloss is probably my favorite gloss. It looks scary and orange in the tube, but when you put it on it's like a juicy version of your own lip color!

Beach Babe
It was surprising how well the bronzes coordinated with the pinks! It makes sense, though, considering those are the colors your face becomes when you've been in the sun. This was my first time using this particular blush, and I absolutely adored it. It's the perfect sun-kissed pink shade.

As always, I used black brown mascara, brow pencil, concealer, and foundation (this time, it was liquid with a dusting of mineral powder on top — my new favorite combination).

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