Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Create-A-Face Tutorial, part II

It would be more accurate to label this as "Create-An-Eye Tutorial"...but that sounds creepy.

In these pictures, I have completed each step on one eye only. This is so you can see what a difference each individual step makes. Also, each step is shown in two pictures — one with open eyes and one with closed eyes.

This tutorial shows how to apply eye makeup to standard eyes. For video tutorials dealing with other eye shapes, please click here!

Step 1: Highlighter Shade
Apply to browbone and from lash to crease to make these areas more noticable.

Step 2: Midtone Shade
Apply in the crease to contour.

Step 3: Accent Shade
Apply along upper lash line and into the outer third of the crease — kind of like an "L" laying on its back.

Step 4: BLENDblendBLEND
Instead of swishing back-and-forth, thereby making a muddy mess of your careful color placement, sweep light-to-dark.

Step 5: Eyeliner
Draw a thin line as close to your lashline as possible. You can do it just on the top or top and bottom, but for pete's sake, don't just do it on the bottom! If you are tempted to skip it all together, click here.

Step 6: Mascara
Curl your lashes first. Even if you have long, dark lashes naturally, you will benefit from a good mascara!

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