Monday, March 10, 2008

Create-A-Face Tutorial

You've asked for it, so here it is...your very own Create-A-Face tutorial!

A web cam comes built-in on my new laptop (thank you, tax credit!), but I don't have it yet. As such, I painstakingly took pictures at each step and threaded them together for you! The pictures on the left show what it looks like before each step is completed, while the pictures on the right were taken after completing each step. This is just a bare bones face; no contouring, highlighting, sculpting, etc. — just the basics.

Let's begin!

Step 1: Apply your concealer.
Here, I've simply put it on my eyelids (from lash to brow) and dark circles.

Step 2: Apply a light layer of foundation.
The face on the left is completely bare, and the one on the right has both concealer and a light layer of liquid foundation.

Step 3: Apply another light layer of foundation.
This step is only for those of you who like more coverage or want to conceal redness. However, this only works if your foundation is buildable (not all foundations are).

Step 4: Apply your powder.
Powder helps to cut down on shine, set your foundation, and control oil. I used a light layer of mineral powder foundation for maximum air-brushed effect, but loose and pressed powder work as well.

Step 5: Apply color cosmetics.
This step is optional, of course, but if you've done steps 1-4, you probably plan to wear makeup.

For a step-by-step eye tutorial, stay tuned!

Contact me to see which colors I used here!

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